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New report by Agri-food@Ivey maps the food waste challenge in Canada’s food industry

July 9th, 2014

Today a study led by researchers from Agri-food@Ivey and the Value Chain Management Centre was released by the Provision Coalition – an advocacy group for the food and beverage manufacturing industry on matters relating to sustainability. The study, “Developing an Industry Led Approach to Addressing Food Waste in Canada”, was commissioned by the Provisional Coalition and led by Ivey’s Dr. David Sparling and Dr. Nicoleta Uzea, and Dr. Martin Gooch at the Value Chain Management Centre. It aimed to map the food waste challenge in the context of Ontario’s and Canada’s agri-food industry and develop a coordinated strategy for tackling the food waste challenge in Canada.

Food industry reorganizing to be more competitive

March 12th, 2014

Today Agri-food@Ivey released its second paper looking at the state of food manufacturing in Canada.  The paper called The Changing Face of Food Manufacturing in Canada is designed to expand understanding of the food manufacturing industry. Authors David Sparling and Sydney LeGrow examine openings and major investments as well as plant closures.  The picture they paint is one of an industry reorganizing to be globally competitive rather that one of an industry fading away.

Canadian Food Manufacturing Continued to Grow Even During Period of Global Recession

March 10th, 2014

A new paper from Agri-food@Ivey finds food manufacturing is an important, but generally under-appreciated, part of the Canadian economy.  The paper called The  Performance of Canada’s Food Manufacturing Industry from David Sparling and Erin Cheney is the first of two papers intended to shed light on the industry and its role in the economy. It examines the performance of Canada’s food manufacturing industry over the period 2004-2011 and compares it to that of other manufacturing industries.

Farmers invest more than ever before

March 12th, 2013

A new study by Nicoleta Uzea and David Sparling entitled Farm Capital Investment and Growth reveals that while the rest of the world was mired in a recession, farmers in Canada were optimistic.  That optimism showed as they invested $11.4 B in their farms in 2009, more than ever before.  Nearly half of the money went into equipment, with 20% in real estate and another 12% in buildings.  Only 0.3% was invested in environmental protection.  Crop, potato, and dairy sector investments rose, while those in livestock plummeted.  And large farms continued to invest heavily in their businesses as smaller farms pulled back.

To read the press release please click here.

Farm income research calls for changes in government subsidies

September 13th, 2012

A new research brief from David Sparling and Nicoleta Uzea calls for a shift away from farm income programs like AgriInvest to a more focused investment along the entire agri-food chain from farms to food processors rather than simply giving more money to farmers as their incomes rise. The brief summarizes a larger report entitled Six Years that Changed Agriculture, which highlights changes to farm income from 2005-2010.

Read the press release.