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Health Innovation Projects

Health Consulting Projects (HCP)

Based on the Ivey Consulting Project (ICP) model*, Health Consulting Projects allow established organizations in the health sector to receive consulting services from students with a variety of business skill sets. These projects help students develop global business capabilities by allowing them to tackle real problems with executives in the health sector using analysis such as pharma-economics, patient quality-of-care and government health policy regulations. The recommendations made by the students are delivered to the partnering organization as detailed business-plans and presentations. Past clients include: SickKids International, Phillips Medical Systems and 3M Canada.

 Health Venture Projects (HVP)

The HVP is a specialized entrepreneurial-focused, team-based consulting project that takes students through the process of refining an idea for a startup company, researching and analyzing their opportunities, writing a detailed business-plan and reporting the findings to the company executives. These projects provide students with the opportunity to apply their business knowledge to the identification and development of a commercial enterprise. In contrast to Ivey’s New Venture Projects (NVP), HVPs are not student-derived entrepreneurial business ideas, but rather a HIP sourced from a young startup company.

 MSc/CEMS Business Projects (January to April)

These projects are much like the Health Consulting Projects with an international outlook. Many CEMS* students are visiting us from abroad and are enrolled in the Master of Science in Management (MSc) program at Ivey. These talented students have typically achieved the 80th percentile or higher at their previous academic institutions and are preparing to launch a career into the ever-evolving, international business world.

 * Previously called the Community of European Management Schools, CEMS has now grown to become the Global Alliance in Management
Education and is a cooperation of the world’s leading business schools and universities with multinational companies and NGOs.

 EMBA Executive Client Field Projects

Helping companies with real strategic business issues is the cornerstone of the Executive Client Field Project. Working with executives and a faculty advisor, Executive MBA students tackle complex, cross-enterprise issues from the perspective of an executive leader and often come up with creative solutions that have significant payoffs. Health sector projects are an option for EMBA students.