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White Papers

Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellows associated with the Centre are commissioned to produce point of view papers aimed at encouraging discussion around health innovation and adoption. We advocate evidence-based decision-making and only disseminate concepts and ideas that have a high degree of validity. Our research is focused on five areas of innovation inquiry: medical devices, information technology, health systems, health finance and pharmaceuticals/biotechnology.

“It’s All About Me”: The Personalization of Health Systems – February 2014

Measuring What Matters: The Cost vs. Values of Health Care – November 2012

Strengthening Health Systems Through Innovation: Lessons Learned – November 2011

Transforming Canada into a Global Centre for Medical Device Innovation and Adoption – June 2011

Transforming Canadian Health Care through Consumer Engagement: The Key to Quality and System Innovation – February 2011

Leveraging Information Technologies to Transform and Sustain British Columbia’s Health Care Sector – October 2010

Innovation Takes Leadership – September 2010