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How I Spent My Summer Vacation…

June 19th, 2013 by hlemieux

I’m sure many of us fondly remember the How I Spent My Summer Vacation assignment from our school days, where teachers would request that students reflect on what they did over the summer months. Looking ahead, what are your personal goals and plans for summertime?

Summer months are the perfect opportunity to plan your MBA applications for the fall deadlines. It can be a slower time for many industries, and people typically take more vacation time. As we have explored in previous blog posts, there are numerous advantages to starting early and I’ll echo a couple of my favourites as you begin to make your own summer plans.

The most widespread hurdle to submitting an MBA application is by far the GMAT.   Perhaps you could not find enough time to study for the test, the test dates you wanted were all booked up, or you ran out of time before you could rewrite the test to achieve the score you needed. We speak with countless students in the early winter months who are forced to delay their MBA plans by an additional year because of similar obstacles. So in the spirit of planning ahead and committing to your plan, we encourage each of you to book a date to write your GMAT today. Work backwards from your test date to set out a study schedule and commit yourself to it just like you would with any other essential commitment in your calendar. .  For some valuable tips on GMAT preparation, check out this article from

It’s also critical to take the time to get to know the various schools you are considering as personally as possible before you even apply. Why not take advantage of the good weather in July or August and take a test drive by visiting the MBA programs you are considering. We invite you to join us here at Ivey this summer during one of our upcoming Class Visit days in London on Monday, July 8, Friday, August 16, or Saturday, September 14 — you can register here.

The summer months are a great time for achieving personal and professional goals — we encourage you to take advantage of the time and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the MBA and how it fits with your goals.

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